Wilujeung Sumping di Bandung

Wilujeung Sumping di Bandung, or welcome in Bandung in Sundanese language. When you visit the city of Bandung, you’ll be greeted with the phrase. An expression of welcome to everyone visiting the city of Bandung. A city with a cool nature of being in the mountains. Visiting the city of Bandung will make you feel exceptional comfort.

The town is known as the city of flower. A name that represents the beauty of this city. In addition, Bandung also known as the culinary, fashion and natural attractions.

The food in the city of Bandung is famous for its diversity. Ranging from traditional foods such as Opak to modern food such as Brownies.

Bandung city is also famous as a fashion city. If you visit this city, you will easily find fashion stores, distribution and factory outlets that sell a variety of fashion products original made in Bandung.

Besides being known by his culinary and fashion, Bandung is also famous for its natural beauty and coolness. Mount Tangkuban Perahu, a tourist attraction not far from downtown Bandung. If you want to enjoy the beauty of bandung from a height, so it’s the right place.

Did not complete if you visit a city without carrying souvenirs. But for those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the beauty of the city of Bandung, you can still get a collection of fashion from city of Bandung. Master mall specifically provide for you.


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